My name is Vivien and I live in London, England.


I always loved making things but never really had the time. During the 2020 pandemic when we were all home in lockdown I kept seeing videos about candle and soap making and I decided to do some research on it.


At first I actually went for body butter and to be honest I didn’t research it a lot before jumping into making one. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, it was very heavy and greasy on the skin. But I still had some butters and oils left which I wasn’t going to waste so I made my first batch of soap which I then gave my family and friends.


This quickly became a great passion of mine, I love everything about making soap, the process, the colours, the scents.


I spent months on perfecting my recipes and after getting amazing reviews from my family and friends I decided to transform this passion into a small business.


I have so many plans and goals for this business so if you want to follow my journey then you can check out my Instagram where I try to post as much as I can.